Summer Sale

Well it’s that time of year again….

It’s time for our annual Summer Sale, where we start discounting all the fabulous sandals that you’ve been drooling over!!  ( I know you have I’ve seen the nose prints on the windows)

We’ll have 3 tables set up outside where we’ll have our famous $39.99 for one pair or you can splurge and get 2 pairs for $60!!!

Inside the store we’ll have the table and shoe racks at 50% off regular price and most everything else will be marked down anywhere from No HST to 50% off and many more discounts to be made through out the week.

With the official launch to the Sale on Wednesday I thought we’d stay open until 8pm so everyone has a chance to check it out.

I almost forgot to mention that we’ll be open Sundays 12-5 from now until the end of August.

I like how we coincide the sidewalk sale with the Downtown’s Art on the Street. All the people wandering around checking out all the various artist’s and having a great time!!!