Christopher Kon

Montreal based since 2001, CHRISTOPHER KON has grown to be an international iconic brand. The beauty in the simple aspects of life, is what drives the creativity in designing each collection. CHRISTOPHER KON creates genuine leather handbags and accessories that are true to these values. Drawing from nature and architecture, each product is detailed with creative aesthetic, making these hand-crafted accessories relaxed and undoubtedly alluring. CHRISTOPHER KON is carried in luxury boutiques across North America and around the world.

What sets Christopher Kon products apart from the rest is Christopher’s endless pursuit to find the balance between clean and timeless shapes and the edge that stands then apart. Using his European background, He utilizes only the best hand selected Italian and Spanish leather skins to create luxurious looking and more important “feeling” bags that will always remain current and age beautifully. This is what makes his bags so special… They’re highest quality standards at a price point that represents the highest value.

Christopher’s inspiration is drawn from many aspects that shape his life, such as his love for surfing, traveling, painting and playing music. These simple elements are the insights to the creative Patterns and shapes of his handbags. The drive he gets from these facets of his life makes the Simplicity and beauty of his products. Furthermore, Christopher Loves to create and construct New silhouettes that keep his customers wanting more. He gears himself towards what his Primary customer craves, and builds his imagination of lines and structure of handbags around That. Christopher Kon’s passion for designing handbags has been second nature to him from a Very young age. This combination of passion and inspiration are all demonstrated through his Remarkable pieces season after season.