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La Canadienne

Our innovative approach allows us to combine streamlined production processes, with meticulous, Italian craftsmanship. Our shoes are exceptionally designed, with old-world insight but a modern-day sensibility.  At La Canadienne, we offer the utmost in waterproof technology.  Every La Canadienne creation is nurtured from start to finish, delivering the highest quality product. Designed right here in Montreal, Canada.


La Canadienne began forty-five years ago in Montreal, the heart of Canada’s fashion capital. Our goal was to create comfortable, versatile boots that would offer unbeatable protection against the cold, wet Canadian climate. Today, La Canadienne is recognized worldwide not only for our unbeatable protection against the elements, but for our fashion forward thinking, ethical practices, and ability to make remarkable footwear.

ECO Friendly Materials used. Environmentally friendly dyes and protective agents, as well as recycled materials for boxes are used to preserve the environment. Our focus on detail extends to our keen awareness of the environmental impact of our products. We are proud to use the highest quality Italian hides available that are by-products of the food industry. This allows us to utilize materials that would otherwise have been discarded.  We are committed to meeting and exceeding all environmental regulations, not just in our product but in our factory as well.