Charm Coral Suede

Spring 2015 J Shoes



J SHOES is a British brand founded in the Midlands in 1996 – inspired by the centuries old shoemaking heritage of that region. Since then J SHOES has grown organically – fueled by an ever-expanding community of creative individuals who believe in the true value of design, craft and quality.

J SHOES is a unique brand with a distinct point of view. We define the notion of ‘Independent Style’ – guided by a philosophy that seamlessly blends modern design with a strong foundation of traditional craftsmanship and classic styling.

Made with natural leathers from around the world, J SHOES strives to provide each of our customers with the finest materials that only get better with age and wear. From aniline finishes to waxes and oils, from tumbling to burnishing, no two leather treatments look the same. Hand-stitching and mopping by our expert shoemakers make each pair of shoes even more unique, giving them a look and feel unlike the mass-produced brands. Exceptional materials infused with original touches and small details to make the shoes match that independent style.

To truly understand the J SHOES brand, look no further than the people who love to wear them. They’re free thinking, relaxed, confident, and creative. They don’t follow, they don’t conform. This approach to life comes through in everything they do.[divclear]