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NAOT Summer Collection 2015

Today I would like to introduce you to one of our favourite brands for Summer. IF you haven’t heard of the NAOT brand, you surly have been missing out.  The oohs and ahhs I hear from people who try them on for the first time is quite amazing.

Who is Naot?

When the members of Kibbutz Naot Mordechai founded the kibbutz shoe factory in 1942, no one imagined that in sixty-five years’ time their shoes would be worn all over the world.

The idea that “it’s fashionable to walk in comfort” has quickly conquered the world, and with it, Naot has gained a loyal customer following, especially in Canada. Each year we develop a new and varied collection of comfortable shoes, clogs and boots made of high quality natural substances from Europe’s finest manufacturers of cork, and latex (natural rubber) as well as superior Italian leathers.

Corinne Lissoos, President of Naot Canada, is the top enthusiast for the super comfortable and casual Naot footwear line. Her enthusiasm began when she first learned of Naot shoes from her husband, who, while they were living in Israel purchased, and loved, his first pair of Naot’s.

After moving to Canada, Corinne launched Naot Canada. Working from her garage and displaying shoes in only two Toronto- area health food stores, Corinne sold 100 pairs of shoes in the summer of 1989.


Did you know? Some fun facts and useful information about Naot footwear:


NAOT FOOTWEAR ARE ORTHOPEDIC. They provide removable footbeds to accomodate orthotics, extra depth in the footbed which gives relief particularly to those patients that suffer from bunions, Hallux Valgus and Hallux Rigidus support, Metatarsal and Long Arch support.

Naot footwear is mentioned in Lauren Weisberg’s novel ‘Everyone Worth Knowing’. Ms. Weisberg is also the author of the international bestseller ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.
Naot is on the list of the world’s 10 leading companies in the comfort category.
Naot is very unique within the footwear industry, because distributors have input, right from the sample stage, on styles and colours.
The minute you begin wearing Naot footwear, the natural, cork footbed begins molding to the individual contours of your foot, because each pair of Naot’s starts with the “footprint in the sand” concept. The cork footbed is ergonomically designed to support the foot in the same way that the sand fills in spaces when you leave a footprint on the beach.
Cork is a natural product that allows the feet to breathe.
The cork acts as a shock absorber, cushioning each step and distributing the weight of your body evenly as you stand and walk. This also helps massage and release pressure caused by other parts of the body.
Naot footwear is comprised of a multi-layered cork and latex innersole that is covered in suede to help absorb moisture.
Naot shoes are lightweight and comfortable straight out of the box, with no break-in needed!
Naot footwear is very durable, as they are made with materials used to withstand varying climates form around the world.
The Naot footpad can be removed for cleaning, and also replaced when needed.