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Made In Spain Collection Fall 2015

The Spanish just seem to know shoes.  They make some of the best in Fashion Forward footwear by utilizing the supplest of leathers, the softest of suedes and patent leathers that look so good you just might want to drink them.

Today we will walk through a few of the styles from brands that are made in Spain.


Angel_Infantes_mediumAngel Infantes shoes are high quality, manufactured entirely in Spain  by the skilled hands of professional shoemakers of Almansa, an area where shoe-making is a tradition. Using high quality materials, the shoes walk with you and fit your feet like gloves. The materials used in the process of design and research match the materials currently in the latest trends and fashions of shoes. Top quality materials and meticulous attention to detail are just the start of what Angel Infantes has to offer.

AI 401-250 blue_edit        AI 100-265 black_edit   AI 701-250 ash_edit


The ART Company was born in 1995, but thier experience in the world LOGO METROPOLITAN SHOES   of quality footwear manufacturing spans over 30 years. Both The ART  Company and the ART footwear brand were created in 1995, with an ethos  that was deliberately young and happy and carefree.



ART902-325 Purple   ART101-325 black   ART100-265 black


Gadeagadea_medium shoes are designed for truly luxurious walking. Gadea shoes are produced and designed to provide a healthy walking experience. Gadea- wellness for your feet. Gadea stands for wellbeing and comfortable walking. Whoever thinks women’s shoes need to be uncomfortable, but look good, is wrong. A women’s beauty can only shine when she feels comfortable about herself. Gadea makes this possible and you can start focusing again on the beautiful sights of life.

GD 100-360 blk lea  GD 106-260 blk lea  GD 402-260 navy suede  GD 104-290 blk lea


Hispanitas_logoThe legacy of three generations imbues the savoir faire of a family tradition devoted to the footwear world since 1925. Born in the cradle of Spain’s traditional footwear industry, HISPANITAS is an outstanding Made in Spain brand.

hsp 813  hsp 418  hsp 118

hsp 120  HSP 125  hsp 124



HSP335  hsp 834  hsp 428


Wonders Wonders shoes are renowned for their comfort, the shoes are made from extremely soft leathers meaning that they easily mould to the shape of your foot and the range includes a varied selection of wearable and sturdy heel heights. Wonder shoes are perfect for day to day wear; they offer practical comfort mixed with good design creating individual and contemporary designs for the modern woman. Wonders Made with Love in Spain.

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So as you can see Spain makes some excellent footwear, and I hope you decide to come in and try a pair or five on.


See you soon!!