IF Barcelona Collective Log

Barcelona Collective

Featuring Barcelona Shoes at IF.. Footwear Boutique in Guelph!

About the brand: We design and build stylish shoes, sandals and boots that fit your full life.  The Barcelona Collective team builds every model by hand, sourcing only the highest quality materials. The result? Our heels & flats are flexible, light and washable. Our clients tell us they wear them everywhere – from breakfast meetings to the airport to late night dinners.  Quality materials make a heel feel great and it requires architectural vision and an artisan’s touch to get it right.

Behind the scenes, numbers and ratios play a crucial role in building our beautiful & uncompromisingly pragmatic shoes. We design the internal architecture to distribute your weight across the full structure of your foot, reducing the impact on your joints as you take each step. With all the kilometres you’ll put on your Barcelona Shoes, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the care we put into making them for you.