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Snow is just around the corner

With snow just around the corner, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite boots for this coming winter. 

The 9 to 5:  What we like to call the city boot, these boots are meant to keep you dry with their waterproof uppers and light linings to keep you warm when it’s cold, but will also keep you cool when you go indoors. The waterproof and salt resistant uppers mean you will look your best…read more

The Weekender:  These boots are for when you’re a little more active outside hiking or playing with the kids. Winter Warm Lambs wool and Shearling linings are waterproof for extended outdoor playtime. 

The Hockey Mom: You know the cold mornings better than anyone, dragging your lovely offspring to their early morning hockey or skating rituals, standing in the frozen arena and you just want warm cozy feet. All natural fibers will keep you feeling fuzzy all over.

The Dog Owner: Whether it’s a quick trip down to the park or an extended hike in the woods, these boots are perfect for dog walking and looking good at the same time. There are so many boots it really is hard to narrow down all our favourite styles. 

Plan a visit soon to get the best selection and our sales consultants can help you shop for the best pair to suit your needs. 


IF Shoe Whisperer, Joel Regts