Introducing LODI

Let’s do something pretty today. Welcome to 2018!

IF.. Footwear introduces LODI. A footwear brand that manufactures all its shoes with traditional processes, following traditional manufacturing processes, selecting the best raw materials and treating each pair of shoes as if it were unique.  MADE IN SPAIN. A COMMITMENT TO QUALITY.

As far as LODI is concerned, quality and good design are of the essence. ‘We believe that what makes a company like ours stand out from the crowd is its ability to select the right natural leather and to create shapes that meet real women’s needs. Our firm respects its origins and strives to uphold traditions. We take painstaking care with every pair of shoes that we produce’.

PRODUCTION PROCESS: ATTENTION TO DETAIL: ‘Every pair of Lodi shoes is a marvel to behold thanks to the skill and passion of those responsible for making them. Transforming leather into footwear is a dynamic process, which starts on the design table and ends with a finished pair of shoes in their box.

Every season, the Lodi team designs 500 new styles, but only the best of the best find their way into the collection. This is an important moment, because this is when we make decisions based on the latest trends and determine the styles of shoe that Lodi women will be wearing.

When the styles in the collection have been chosen, the production process starts, during which each individual shoe may be worked on by up to 80 different people before it is finished. This is a complex process during which some tasks are done by hand with using artisan-type skills and other, more routine jobs are mechanized. This carefully choreographed process and passion for detail means that each pair of Lodi shoes is a story told by many voices’.

Below: The Ringon heel from LODI has a 9 cm wide heel, approximately lined with wood effect with geometric motifs and rubber sole.